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Booster C is a functional energy beverage with a unique blend of vitamins and potent energy-boosters that’s packed in a convenient 60ml shot.

Booster C is intentionally created to be compact and convenient—ready to drink anytime. Although small in size, the energy blend packed into each shot is comparable to and most times even more potent versus big bottled energy drinks. It has all the benefits and more of a regular energy drink but without the sugar, is low in calorie (20 calories) and has zero bloat (no carbonation).

The C stands for the main product benefits of Booster C: Compact and Convenient, Crash-Free, and low Calorie.

No it doesn’t. It is FDA-certified and classified as food.

Booster C can be taken every day. We usually recommend one shot per day since our formula is long-lasting. For people who wish to take more than one shot per day, the only limiting factor is one’s sensitivity to caffeine. Caffeine content for each shot is equivalent to one cup of coffee.

Yes. Booster C is designed to be taken anytime, anywhere. Since we do not have carbonation and the liquid content is very minimal, there are no ill-effects of taking it even on an empty stomach.

Booster C can be taken by both men and women of various ages. The only limiting factor for some types of people, like children or pregnant women, would be the one cup coffee worth of caffeine.

Booster C is designed to be delicious whether chilled or not. This is because the product can be taken even for people on-the-go without access to a refrigerator.

Booster C is ready-to-drink. But it is also versatile. Who are we to stop you from mixing it up with other liquids such as soda, juice or even alcohol?

Booster C Energy Shot is available in all the leading convenience stores (7-Eleven, Ministop, etc), supermarkets, groceries, drugstores and other leading stores nationwide in the Philippines.