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For the love of cycling

Making your passion your career is always a gamble.

Like cycling—a weekend hobby with friends, sure. But to make it what you will do for the rest of your life? Oh boy, your parents will not like the idea. “’Di ka bubuhayin niyan (That won’t pay your bills).”

And you know, they’re probably right. There’s no certainty that you will celebrate success.

Virgilio Espiritu doesn’t consider himself a cyclist who exceled in the sport—often a finisher in tour events at best. But even if awards didn’t pour in, for the love of cycling, Espiritu pedaled forward in the field. Now he’s the head coach of the Philippine Air Force Cycling Team.

Joyce del Socorro (left), conditioning coach and team manager of MOB Philippines Booster C Cycling Team, and Virgilio Espiritu (right), head coach of the Philippine Air Force Cycling Team, share their knowledge and experience for up-and-coming cyclists.

“Kahit mas mataas ‘yung percentage ng hirap, ‘yung pagmamahal ko doon sa sport, nandoon pa rin eh,” shares Espiritu.

(Even if the struggles far outweigh the success, my love for the sport, it’s still there.)

On the other hand, Joyce del Socorro was blessed with medal finishes in international and local series. Her success allowed her to finish schooling, and eventually, become the conditioning coach and team manager of MOB Philippines Booster C Cycling Team.

However, like Espiritu, del Socorro agrees that opportunities don’t necessarily come from accolades. “Basta ‘yung passion nadoon, saka ‘yung love for the sport. Tulad ko, hindi naman po ‘yung ginusto ko mag-coach, pero may fulfillment na inalok ako para doon.”

(Just keep your passion and love for the sport. Like me, it’s not like I really aimed to be a coach, but being offered the position is still fulfilling.)

After all, in whatever field you’re in, opportunities present themselves to those who are brave enough to stay dedicated in their passion.

“Mangarap ka muna. Mararating mo rin ‘yung [pangarap mo] basta may pagsisikap ka,” closes Espiritu.

(Just aspire first. You’ll eventually reach your goals as long as you persist and work hard.)

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